Over a period of years, oxidation within domestic and commercial central heatings will result in the build up of black oxidative ‘sludge’ and other deposits. This accumulation of unwanted deposits can have many detrimental effects on a hot water central heating system. The ‘sludge’ can keep accumulating until it starts to block pipes, which in turn prevents the radiators from distributing heat effectively around a home. Radiators, valves and pumps will all need replacing as blockages cause irrepairable damage.

The inevitable result of an inefficient central heating system that has become clogged up with corrosive ‘sludge’ is higher fuel bills, which can be very expensive, especially during the winter months when the heating is on for longer periods. The damage caused by the corrosive effects of the sludge can result in total system failure, meaning your whole system could need replacing. Power Flushing your heating system will leave your radiators and pipes clean and rust protected, prolonging the life of your entire system as well as lowering your fuel bills.


9033955At BMCD we use MagnaClean filters during the power flushing of residential  central heating systems. MagnaClean are market leaders in manufacturing equipment to keep central heating systems working efficiently as possible. The highly effective, high-flow, magnetic filter will help keep your central heating system working more efficiently as it removes virtually all black iron oxide that causes many of the problems central heating systems experience.

We only use MagnaClean Power Flushing filters because they have been designed and manufactured for central heating engineers to make the Power Flushing process as effective as possible on any central heating system, new or old.

It is almost guaranteed that older and ageing central heating systems will have large amounts of black sludge caused by oxidation within the system. 

MagnaClean will provide immediate and long term benefits during and after the Power Flushing process.

•  Eliminates black sludge from the heating system
•  Stop black iron oxide ‘clogging up’ the system
•  Makes the central heating more efficient
•  Saves money in the long term

We strongly recommend having a Magnaclean filter fitted before any problems arise if you are looking for optimum efficiency from your central heating system. The MagnaClean filter will help to prevent your central heating system getting to a critical level where a complete breakdown could occur. MagnaClean will help to prevent deterioration of your heating system and increase its lifespan.

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